Transforming Construction Site Management with AI Technology

Introducing CAMpliant: Elevating Construction Site Safety

and Compliance Through AI-Powered Monitoring

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Revolutionizing Construction Risk Management: CAMpliant Unveils EarthCam-Powered Cameras & AI Software for Subcontractor Vetting and Claims Detection in NYC. As spiraling loss costs and retrenchment challenge the market, CAMpliant’s partnership with EarthCam offers unique solutions. AI-enabled cameras vet subcontractors, synchronize with CR-Certify insurance software, and detect on-site risks. A game-changer for the industry, fostering compliance and reducing fraudulent claims.

Revolutionize Construction Project Oversight with Innovative AI/Camera Collaboration

Discover CAMpliant, a groundbreaking collaboration between EarthCam, SML Capital Advisors, and CR Solutions. This revolutionary service leverages EarthCam’s state-of-the-art AI-enabled cameras to monitor construction site activity, ensuring safety compliance and adherence to industry standards. CAMpliant not only enhances project safety but also streamlines subcontractor vetting for New York-based construction ventures

Empower Safe Construction Practices

CAMpliant employs EarthCam’s AI-powered cameras to actively monitor construction sites, identifying and reporting safety-related behavior. By providing real-time information, the service contributes to fostering a culture of safety and compliance on every project.

Efficient Subcontractor Vetting

CAMpliant’s cutting-edge technology aids in the meticulous vetting of subcontractors for construction projects in New York. The AI-driven monitoring system provides comprehensive insights into potential subcontractors’ adherence to safety standards, offering invaluable data for informed decision-making.

Seamless Integration with CR Solutions’ Software

CAMpliant seamlessly integrates EarthCam’s monitoring capabilities with CR Solutions’ CR-Certify Insurance Tracking software. This integration ensures that real-time data and alerts generated by EarthCam’s AI cameras are seamlessly channeled into CR-Certify, streamlining insurance tracking and claims management processes.


CR Solutions

CR Solutions plays a pivotal role by integrating EarthCam’s monitoring data into CR-Certify. This synergy simplifies insurance tracking, claims management, and overall project risk assessment. The collaboration ensures that actionable insights are seamlessly available where they matter most.

SML Capital Advisors

SML Capital Advisors plays a pivotal, field-level, role in the CAMpliant program. From preconstruction, SML collaborates with EarthCam to implement our AI-Powered Employee Recognition System on-site. Throughout projects, our team ensures proper program execution, monitors compliance, and identifies issues in Operational, Contractual, Employee, and Insurance service levels before it’s too late.


EarthCam brings its cutting-edge AI-enabled cameras to the forefront of construction site safety and compliance. Through real-time monitoring, these cameras provide accurate insights, enabling proactive identification of safety concerns and adherence to industry regulations.

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